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- Ready to work! 准备工作
- Yes, me Lord? 是,陛下?
- What is it? 要做什么?
- More work? 还有工作?
- What? 什么?
- [建筑] Construction Zone! Do not enter!*** 建造区无法进入!
- [建筑] Hard hat required!*** 戴好安全帽!
- [建筑] Move along, nothing to see here.*** 向前走,这里没什么好看的
- [建筑] I need a hard hat!*** 我需要一顶安全帽
- [建筑] Job''s done! 工作完成
- Righto!* 好哦
- Yes, me Lord! 是,我的陛下
- Alright. 好吧
- Off I go then. 那我去了
- You''re the King? Well I didn''t vote for you. 你是国王?我可没有投票给你
- We found a witch, may we burn her? 我们找到一个女巫,我们该烧死她吗?
- Help! Help! I''m being repressed! 救命!救命!我被镇压了!
- A horse kicked me once. It hurt! 我被马踢过,真疼!
- Doh! 咚!
- [.vs 英雄] Yaaahhh! 呀!!
- I guess I can. 我猜我可以
- If you want. 如果您想要
- No one else available? 别人不可以吗?
- That''s it, I''m dead! 好吧,我死定了!


- Ready for action! 准备行动!
- Orders? 命令?
- What do you need? 需要什么?
- Yes, my Liege! 遵命,陛下!
- Say the word! 下令吧!
- Aye, me Lord! 是,陛下!
- On my way! 行进中!
- Right. 对
- Of course.当然
- Don''t ask, don''t tell. 不要问,不要说
- Grab your sword and fight the Horde! 握紧你的剑与兽人战斗吧!
- Uncle Lothar wants YOU! 洛萨大叔需要你!(洛萨是人类国王)
- It''s only a flesh wound! 这只是新伤口!
- [.vs 英雄] For Lordearon! 为了洛丹伦!(洛丹伦:人类联盟之家园)
- Let me at em!* 我来进攻他们!
- Attttaccckkk! 进~攻~~~
- To arms! 拿起武器!


- Locked and loaded! 锁定目标,填弹完毕!
- Aye, sir? 是,长官?
- Ya have a target? 您有目标吗?
- I''m your shooter! 我是您的射手!
- What do you need? 您需要什么?
- OoooK. 好的~~
- I''ll take care ofit! 来搞定!
- Time to go! 该走了!
- Aight!* 好啊
- This. Is. My. Boomstick! 这,是,我的,火枪!
- Where''s me drink?* 我的酒哪儿去了?
- I can''t shoot straight unless I''ve had a pint! 我不喝个一品脱就打不准!
- Oh! There''s me drink. Get. In. My. Belly! 噢!这是我的酒,进 我 的 肚 子 吧!
- Guns don''t kill people. I DO! Ha ha! 枪并不会杀人,我会!哈哈!
- Don''t shoot, shoot, shoot that thing at me! 别拿那东西射,射,射我
- I shot the Sheriff, and the Deputy, and your wee doggy TOO!* 我杀了郡长,又杀了副官,现在我要杀你这狗崽子!
- You''ll take me blunderbuss we ye pry it from my cold, dead hands! 我死了你才能从我手中把枪拿走!
- [.vs 英雄] For Iron Forge! 为了钢铁熔炉(部落名)!
- Fire! 射击!
- I''ve got the beast in my sights! 我在视野中发现了野兽!
- Take that you sod. 尝尝这个你这#¥%*
- Shoot ta kill!* 射杀!


- I await your command! 等待您的命令!
- Sire? 陛下?
- Your honor! 以您的荣誉!
- Command me! 命令我吧!
- Yes, my Lord? 是,陛下?
- [冲锋] For Azaeroth!** 为了艾泽洛斯(人类以前的故乡)!
- At once! 马上!
- For the King! 为了国王!
- Aboslutely! 绝对服从!
- I swear it! 我发誓!
- My favorite color is blue... NO, yellllooowwww..... 我喜欢的颜色是蓝色……不,是黄色(声音渐弱)
- Victory for Lordearon!洛丹伦必胜!(头盔掉下来了)
- Dost thou speak unto me?* 汝谓吾呼?(呵呵,古文)
- By the Gods you''re annoying! 以上帝的名义……您真是烦!
- I never say: Ni! 我从来没说过Ni!
- Damn helmet, can''t seem to get ... this ... thing. (从头盔里传出的模糊声音) 该死的头盔,摘不下来(马的哀鸣声)
- [.vs 英雄] For honor, for freedom! 为了荣誉,为了自由!
- For the King! 为了国王!
- Have at thee! 进攻汝!
- To the death! 受死吧!


- I come to cleanse this land! 我为净化这片土地而来
- What ails you? 是什么困扰着你?
- Yes, my friend. 是,我的朋友。
- Is my aid required? 需要我的帮助吗?
- Is someone injured? 有人受伤了吗?
- [驱魔] Be gone spawn of Darkness! 消失吧!黑暗之子
- [治疗] Be well! 好
- Of course! 当然
- I am your servant! 为您服务!
- As you wish. 如你所愿
- Right away. 马上
- Scalpel... spounge... magic wand. 手术刀……海绵……魔法杖
- There is peace and serenity within the Light. 光芒照耀着和平与宁静
- Clear! (能听到电流声) 明白!
- Crossover children... crossover into the Light! 穿越吧,孩子……找到光明!
- I have been chosen by the big metal hand in the sky! 我被天上的巨大铁手选中了(鼠标指针)
- Side affects may include dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, water retention, painful rectal itch, hallucination, dementia, psychosis, coma, death and halitosis. Magic is not for everyone. Consult your doctor before use. 可能的副作用包括口干舌燥、恶心、呕吐、积水、阵痛、幻觉、痴呆、精神病、昏迷、死亡和口臭。魔法并不适用于所有人,使用前请遵医嘱。
- [.vs 英雄] For the memory of Quelforloss!** 为了Quelforloss的回忆!
- Be gone spawn of Darkness! 消失吧,黑暗之子!
- Now feel my rath! 现在,感受我的愤怒吧!
- By the power of the Light, burn! 以光明力量的名义,燃烧吧!


- The flows of magic are whimsical today! 今天的魔法波动反复无常
- Do you require aid, human? 需要帮助吗,人类?
- This better be good. 最好如此
- Help me, help you. 帮助我就是帮助你
- What''ll it be hot shot?*
- Kick down sparky.
- [隐形] See ya later!* 一会见!
- [减速] What''s your hurry? 你慌什么?
- [水元素] It''s time to get wet! 是时候来点水份了
- If you insist. 如果你坚持的话
- What a good idea. 真是个好主意
- It''s about time. 是时候了
- Once again, it''s up to the elves. 事情又由精灵来决定了
- Click my baby, one more time! 点我呀,宝贝,再来一次!
- Maybe you should get a strategy guide! 也许你需要一本战略指导
- I don''t remember casting slow on you. 我不记得对你施了缓慢
- You don''t get out much do you? 你不太明白,是吧?
- Let''s chat on sometime. 我们改天在战网上聊吧
- For the "End of the World" spell, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. 想用世界末日魔法,按Ctrl+Alt+Delete
- [.vs 英雄] For the Alliance! 为了联盟!
- You wish is my command! 您的意愿就是我的命令
- Now victory shall be ours. 胜利属于我们
- Without delay! 马上!


- We have liftoff! 我们起飞啦!
- How you doin?* 你好啊~
- What''s the flight plan? 飞行计划呢?
- Where to? 去哪儿?
- Ok to go. 可以走了
- Oh, it''s you. 哦,是你啊
- Roger wilco! 收到,照办!
- Will do command. 奉命行事
- Approaching the sound barrier! 逼近音障!
- What, over there? 什么?那边?
- They''ll never hear me coming! 他们永远听不到我!(直升机引擎发出巨大响声)
- Opsss. I dropped something. (炸弹掉落声) 啊哦,我把什么东西掉下去了(爆炸声)
- Stay on target! 紧随目标!
- I''d rather be flying.. uh... oh. 我宁愿飞行,呃,喔……
- You can be my wingman anytime! 你可以随时做我的舵手!
- Pilot to Bombardier. Bombardier here, go ahead Pilot. 飞行员呼叫投弹手。这里是投弹手,飞行员请讲(矮人直升机上只有一个人)
- I will now demonstrate the doppler effect. d... o... p... p.... l..... e....... r 我现在来证明多普勒作用。多……普……勒……
- There''s... something... on... the wing. 机翼上……有……什么东西
- I''m on a different PLANE of exstence. Get it? Plane? 我在一种叫飞机的物体上,懂吗?飞机。
- [.vs 英雄] Off to the wild blue yonder! 前往远处蓝色的原野!
- This bomb''s for you! 这个炸弹送给你!
- I''ve got tone! 我要唱歌!
- Death! 死吧!
- Take it! 接着!

迫击炮小队 (注解: 这个兵种有两个人, 所以并不是一个人在那里自言自语) (矮人#2 在里)

- Mortar combat! 迫击炮战斗组(用唱的)
=Selection Sounds=
- Let''s get to fightin''!* 我们去战斗吧!
- Where do you want us? 想让我们去哪儿?
- Show us a target! 给我们指个目标!
- Hello! 哈楼!
- Gotta go. [ Me too! ] 该走了[我也是!]
- Move your arse! 走了,笨蛋
- You made the right choice. [ It''s on! ] 正确的选择![行动中!]
- Common shorty. [ On our way! ] 快点,矮子![正在路上!]
- We''ll do it in a jiffy! 我们瞬间就能完成
- Mobile! 移动!
- [ It''s you and me pal. ] We''ve got the energy. 就是你和我,伙计[咱们矮人有力量]
- I''m T.N.T. [ I''m Dyno Mite! ] 我是TNT。[我是Dynamite(炸药名)]
- [ We must defeat the dwarfs! ] Ugghhh! We are the Dwarfs! [ Oh. ] [我们必须消灭矮人!]呃啊!我们就是矮人![噢。]
- You''ve got a chip on your shoulder. [ Mmm, yes, and a bit of fish too! ] 你的肩膀上有些弹药碎片(薯条)[恩,是啊,还有鱼片呢!]
- And that''s how baby dwarfs are made. [ Ah! ] 矮人Baby就是这么来的[啊@@]
- [ Clearly Tassadar has failed us. You must not! ] 显然Tassadar让我们失望了,你绝对不可以!(Tassadar:圣堂武士,Protoss的英雄)
- [ What''s that? ] Get your finger out of that bung hole! [那是什么?]把你的手指从炮筒里拿开!
- Hmmm hmmm hmmm. Burn and lootin''. Bomb and shootin''! (用唱的) 亨~亨~亨~燃烧引线,发射炮弹~
- Take this you bastards! 接着这个,混蛋!(炸弹爆炸)
- [.vs 英雄] For Kazmodon!** 为了Kazmodon(矮人家园)
- This battle is over! 战斗结束!
- Eat mortar! [ Eat lead! ] 吃我的迫击炮![吃我的炮弹!]
- They''re dead! 他们死定了!
- Hey you, catch! 嗨,你,接着!
- Eat hot dead! 欢快的死吧!

蒸汽坦克- (注解: 所有音效都是噪音而无文字)


- It''s hammer time! 该抡起锤子了!
- Ya can count on me! 看我的吧!
- Aye, sir? 是,长官?
- I''m your dwarf! 我是您的矮人
- I''ll do what it takes. 我会照办的
- Ahhhggg! 啊~~
- Ahhggg! Count me in! 啊,算我一个!
- You''re the boss! 你是老大
- No problem! 没问题
- That''s great. 好极了
- To the skies! 飞向蓝天!
- Judge me by my size do ya? 根据我的块头来看待我的,是吗?
- It''s not the size of the hammer that counts, it''s how you wield it! 战锤的尺寸并不重要,重要的是你怎么用它。
- Someone gave me the bird. 有人给了我只鸟
This Warhammer costs 40K. Hehe. 这只战锤花了40000块,呵呵
- Half this beast is endangered, but the other half IS danger! 这怪物(狮鹫)一半处于危险……但另一半本身就是危险!
- [.vs 英雄] For Kazmodon!** 为了Kazmodon!
- Death comes for ye!* 死神来找你了!
- For victory! 为了胜利!
- By Muridin''s beard!** 以Muridin胡子的名义!


- This had better be worth it! 这样做最好值得!
- You require my assistance? 需要我的协助吗?
- What is it now? 现在如何?
- Get on with it! 继续!
- Well? 什么?
- I can hardly wait! 我不能再等了!
- Perfect! 好极了!
- Whatever! 怎样都行!
- Fine! 很好!
- Don''t you have a strategy? 你就不能有点战略吗?
- Your prattle begins to annoy me. 我开始对你的天真感到厌烦了
- You''d best stay clear of me, or I''ll turn you into a mindless sheep! 你最好别碰我,不然我会把你变成一只没大脑的绵羊!
- I don''t waste my magic on just anything! 我不会随便浪费我的魔法的
- [.vs 英雄] For glory! 为了荣誉!
- To battle! 战斗啊!
- For glory! 为了荣誉!
- Nimflorie frostades seda!** (吟唱咒语)


- Alright, who wants some? 好吧,谁想来试试
- Aye? 什么?
- Wait ''til you see me in action!* 等待行动指示
- Give me something to do! 让我做点事吧
- Hmmmph! 恩!
- Brilliant! 英明!
- I''m coming through! 我来了!
- Move it! 行动!
- Out of my way! 让开!
- Could you put some bonus points in my drinking skills? 你能给我的喝酒技能升几级吗?
- Any fish and chips shops about here?* 这附近有炸鱼土豆片卖吗?
- I think it''s time for a nippy sweetie!** 我认为该吃点心了。
- What the bloody hell are you playin'' at?* 该死的,你在玩些什么啊?
- There''s nothing more motivatin'' than fightin'' with a bad hangover!* 喝的烂醉然后打仗最爽了!
- Where''s the pub? 酒馆在哪?
- Let''s get PIST! 去喝个痛快吧!
- [.vs 英雄] For Kazmodon!** 为了Kazmodon!
- To arms! 拿起武器!
- Death comes for ye!* 死神来找你了!
- I''ll run em through!* 我来搞定他们!
- Watch this! 看这招!


- I live to serve all believers! 我为服务信徒而生!
- What would you ask of me? 您要我做什么?
- I am not afraid! 我没有恐惧!
- Let me face the peril! 让我来面对危险!
- At your call! 为您效劳!
- [驱魔] Strike down upon thee with great vengance and fury! 以复仇的愤怒力量击倒汝!
- As you wish! 随你所愿!
- For honor! 为了荣誉!
- For my people! 为了我的人民!
- It shall be done! 理应如此!
- It''s hammer time! 该抡起锤子了!
- I want to be your sledge hammer! 我愿成为您的巨锤!
- Touch me not, I am chaste! 别碰我,我是纯洁的
- No, is that your final answer? 不,那就是你最后的回答?
- I have bad brethren 我已经有很多兄弟了。
- Is that a sword? Luxury! Is that a horse? Sloth! Is that a helmet? Vanity! 那是剑吗?奢侈!那是马吗?懒惰!那是头盔吗?虚荣!
- [.vs 英雄] In Lightbringer''s name, have at thee! 以光明使者的名义,进攻汝!
- Justice will be served! 公正终将得以伸张
- Defending your name! 捍卫您的名誉!
- Death to the infidels!异端者死!



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